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Orange Cameroon approves CFA150bn expansion investment

Orange Cameroon announced an investment plan of CFA150 billion to expand and upgrade its network over the next five years. Patrick Benon, the Managing Director, said last January 31 that a first disbursement of CFA30 billion will be approved this year.

The plan is aimed at “securing, extending and modernizing the network infrastructure, with a strong focus on digitalization”. In addition to digitization, the company will focus this year on improving the quality of its service. “Orange Cameroon has made firm commitments with the ART (the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency, ed) to ensure that network quality is better in 2023,” says Patrick Benon. He also revealed that the investment strategy takes into account the growing demand, which is often the cause of inconvenience recorded by customers. “Last year we recorded strong growth in data traffic, about 40%. So, the growth in traffic itself implies for us to make regular investments to maintain an appropriate sizing of our network and improve the quality of service, “the Manager explained.

However, he says, despite all these efforts, real change can only be achieved if all the various telecom operators in the country cooperate. “There are points on which Orange Cameroon must work collectively with other operators. Sometimes, especially on issues of fiber optic transmission, we depend on other operators. Hence the need to work together to improve quality,” says Benon.

Credit: Business In Cameroon

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